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It's been another week and I've passed the last two exams. 70-516, accessing data with .NET 4 and 70-519, desgining and developing web applications using .NET 4. So I'm an MCPD now. Yay!

We've noticed it raining a bit more every day, but on Friday night it was non-stop downpour. It's Sunday now and the rain is just getting silly.


After passing the last exam on Friday we decided to celebrate by heading north to Calangute where there are a lot more bars and clubs. Gareth, Marc and Sanjay came along for a few drinks. Thomas got a hookah with apple flavoured tobacco which was strange but nice at the same time. It was only Thomas and me who were up for staying out, so when the other guys got a taxi home, we headed across the road to a club called Tito's.

It was 1500rs (£21) to get in, with free drinks all night, and they let us both in for the price of one. The inside of the club was actually quite small but pretty busy. As with every other bar we go to, the guys out number the girls about twenty to one. We stayed until about 3am then got a taxi back to the apartments.

I really wanted to go see an elephant but after lunch on Saturday I had to stay within close proximity of the toilet for the rest of the day. :(

My three weeks in Goa has been fun. Our apartment was clean and the food cooked for us has been excellent. With all the studying we didn't get time to do very much else, but what we have seen has been fun. I think if I was going to come back it would need to be in the dry season, although I don't think I could handle the temperatures they get over here.

I am looking forward to going home though. I'd do anything for a bacon double cheese burger just now. The food options here are quite limited. I seen a book today that summed it up quite well, "500 recipes for chicken".

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