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Suzuki Violin Book One

Tue 26 January 2016 Random violin

I realise this isn't computer related, but I figured I might be inclined to blog more if I didn't just limit it to programming subjects.

I bought a violin about 2 years ago and found a local teacher to get lessons once a week. Since then, my teacher moved to Sweden to have a baby but we continued the lessons on Skype after she had had the baby. From the very begginning I've been working my way through the Suzuki Violin Book 1 and more recently, the ABRSM Grade 1 Book.

I've finally reached the last song in the Suzuki book, Gavotte (that's not me), which is going well and I am really happy I have reached the level I am at. I do have a tendency to get bored of things and give up, but I think having a teacher with weekly lessons and hearing my self play more complex peices has kept me going.

I've also decided to do the ABRSM level 1 exam, so I have been learning the songs in that book too. My exam is in the process of being booked and should be before the end of March!

I have been thinking about upgrading my bow & violin, but the prices goes up quite steeply from beginner. I would like to go to the violin shop and try a couple of better ones, but I don't know if I'm good enough to notice a difference and I'm slightly worried I would notice a difference and end up wanting to buy it there and then.

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