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The tree needs a little bit more work to implement than the application.

Here is the initial class declaration.

[Tree("appAlias", "treeAlias", "Tree Title")]
public class MyApplicationTree : ITree

Tree Attribute

The Tree attribute takes similar parameters to the Application attribute.

The alias of the application this tree belongs too ...

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Nearly there

Fri 05 July 2013 My Blog

Well, I've updated the site. Unfortunately all my posts are now marked as being created in the last few days. So that's on my "to fix" list.

In the mean time though, you can now browse my site on a phone.

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Making things squishy

Mon 24 June 2013 My Blog

I've been playing about with Twitter's Bootstrap and decided to convert my blog over to use that.

I've got an offline version complete and will be updating the site shortly, it will also be responsive and look lovely on mobile devices.

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