Andrew Aitken


I was curious about having my blog deployed whenever I push a commit, so after a bit of googling I found this handy tutorial by Mathieu Leplatre.

There were a few differences, I am using the GitHub user pages, where he was using a project page, so my blog output needs to sit on the master branch and not gh-pages.

I'll just show what I had to do differently, so here is my .travis.yml file. I had a few issues with it, but nothing YAML lint and Travis WebLint couldn't sort out.

language: python
python: 2.7
    secure: "my-encrypted-token (truncated for size)"
    - source
  - "pip install -r requirements.txt"
  - "make publish github"

And my modified Makefile

github: publish
    cp .travis.yml output/
    ghp-import -b master $(OUTPUTDIR)
    @git push -fq https://${GH_TOKEN}$(TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG).git master > /dev/null

Key differences are the -b master parameter passed to ghp-import which tells it to update the master branch. I also copy my .travis.yml file to the output as it tells Travis only to build the source branch and I don't want it trying to rake my html.

You can see it all on my GitHub page.

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