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Another small update

Wed 29 August 2012 My Blog blog

I think I've been to BadgerBadgerBadger more times than I've written blog posts. I keep thinking something I've done would be interesting to blog about but when it comes down to it I can never think of what to write.

For now though, I've just converted my blog over to Umbraco, only took me a couple of evenings. I'm hoping the nicer backend than my custom site with it's out the box styles will encourage me to write more.

I will have a few things to blog about in the near future too. I am currently building a remote control rover robot based on a QWERK control board. I've hit a bit of a snag trying to step down my 7.5v battery to 3v for the motors but hopefully I'll get that sussed out soon then I can crack on and focus on the wireless part of the project.

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Small update

Wed 18 January 2012 My Blog blog

Finally got round to fixing an issue where a 404 was being recorded as error. Should save some disk space :) I've also added a new friend link for Greg and Jen who are off traveling round the world.

Hopefully this will inspire me to get my ass in gear ...

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First post

Sun 20 March 2011 Umbraco blog

There is still a lot to do but I have finally gotten a working version of my blog online. I chose to write my own blog for a chance to play with MVC 3 and the Razor view engine. So far I really like the Razor view engine ...

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